So Much to Teach

Many cultures celebrate this day as a time to remember the honored elders and  wise people in their communities — the people we want to become more like. Today create a simple altar to at least one person whose memory and wisdom you honor in your life. You might include photographs, drawings, letters, favorite items, or even favorite books or music. If you have the time and resources, favorite foods are especially good additions.

Spend a few minutes reflecting on what you’ve learned from this person For most people, there’s some good (the things we value and learned from them) and some bad (things we don’t want to repeat). Take time to journal about your thoughts. You can leave the altar up as long as you feel it’s useful to you, or incorporate the items into a larger altar for your beloved dead.

—-Jennett Silver

All Saint’s Day
Fourth Quarter Moon in Libra
Color: White
Incense: Orchid

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