Maneki Neko

You know those waving cat statues they often have near the entrances to Chinese restaurants? That cat’s name is Maneki Neko, and she’s a Japanese wealth-beckoning spirit. Although it seems like she’s waving, she’s actually beckoning: in many Asian countries the beckoning gesture requires one’s palm to face out.

Placing a Maneki Neko statue near the entrance to your home or business — ideally she’s visible from outside (perhaps in a window or a doorway) — can help increase your affluence. When you place her, you can activate her magical potency by anointing her with a wealth-drawing oil, such as patchouli, jasmine or cinnamon. Then chant an invocation, such as:

Maneki Neko, beautiful and charming wealth-drawing cat, I call on you and ask you to dwell here in spirit. Thank you for inviting and welcoming blessings of abundance into my home (or business) and life.

—- Tess Whitehurst

Fourth Quarter Moon in Scorpio
Color: Blue
Incense: Ivy

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