Fourth Quarter Moon in Scorpio

The waning moon in the passionate and emotional sign of Scorpio can be hard to handle. Be mindful today of any negativity that is trying to surround you or get in the way — today’s deep passion is better used to banish negativity than to enhance it. Be patient with yourself and with others.

This is an excellent moon for contacting the dead or practicing a darker art, if you are so inclined. Please remember that everything we do should be done with respect, even the darker side.

If you have a relationship that needs ending, now is a great time for that as well. Be careful not to go over the edge on the emotional side in the ending — rants and raves only diminish your message of “This is done now.”

This is also a good time for solitude and meditation, as psychic awareness is heightened. Be wary of morbidity, and don’t allow your thoughts to be pulled to bitterness, despair or pessimism. Release any grudges you might be holding.

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