A Day of Change

Today the world will experience a rare event: a hybrid solar eclipse. This eclipse will begin and end as an “annular” eclipse. However, the path of totality will occur over the Atlantic, east of Florida, across Central Africa, and ending in Somalia.

You needn’t live along the path of the eclipse to feel or work with its power. Eclipses are one of the few times when the masculine energy of the sun embraces the feminine force of the moon. The power of this eclipse is magnified since it occurs on the “Sun’s Day,” Sunday.

Since this eclipse falls in November, meditations dealing with banishment and ending bad habits / relationships would be good. Most occultists refrain from major spellwork and decision making on the day of the eclipse, as well as three days prior and after. It’s believed the earth remains in “the shadow” of the eclipse during this period.

To honor the eclipse, first light a white candle to represent the light before the eclipse. Then light a black candle to symbolize the total eclipse. Lastly, light a second white candle to represent the returning light. Spend the day quietly thinking about the changes you wish to make in  your life. Eclipses are all about change. Resume your spellwork in a few days.

—-James Kambros

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New Moon in Scorpio
Color: Yellow
Incense: Juniper

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