Clary Sage

For protection, hang bouquets of clary sage to dry around the house, place it in sachets with other herbs for protection, placing in appropriate places about the home or office. Carry a small pouch with clary sage and other protective herbs in your handbag and keep one in your car. For ritual work, it is a a potent ingredient when you want to cast a protective boundary. Add it to the warding blend for your home, placing it on window ledges and on top of door frames.

Associated with both the moon and mercury, Clary Sage is very helpful in workings that include journey, trance, dream and visionary work, as well as divination. It can enhance psychic abilities. Sprinkle some of the dried herb around the table you lay your tarot cards, runes, bones or stones on. Crush a bit of the herb in your hands and inhale its fragrance. An infusion makes an excellent clearing and enhancing wash for scrying mirrors and  scrying stones. Burn as an incense or use the essential oil in a nebulizer and to anoint the third eye during any of these types of workings to enhance your abilities and the reading.  A drop or two on your pillow before bed can enhance any dreamwork and aid in the recall of those dreams, especially for divination purposes. It tends to make dreams very vivid when one is open to such work, so prepare yourself appropriately.

Clary sage is highly protective. Having it growing around one’s home is a very good thing, as this plant concentrates heavy metals from the soil and can be planted to clear contaminated areas. It should then be disposed of rather than composted – naturally, as in magical workings, one would not want to save what was used to cleanse. What a gift to your land or any land, to grow this herb to assist in cleansing it of toxins. Go talk to your plants, get to know them and ask them to protect your land and home. You should do this with all your plants and trees, build a relationship with them – they will tell you what they can assist you with on an energetic level.

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