Make the Money Stretch

There are hours of shopping on the horizon for all of us. Start protecting your financial assets by avoiding overspending pitfalls with this spell to help you make the most of the money you spend and hang on to as much of it as you can.

Get a bay leaf and a large bay-scented pillar candle. Turn the candle over and remove the sticker, then carve a pentagram on the bottom. Charge the candle and bay leaf with this charm:

Keep my wealth safe and sound,
Make the magic circle round.
With my bargain shopping ways,
Money comes and money stays.

Burn the candle for one hour, then blow it out and put the bay leaf in your wallet. Before you go on shopping trips, burn the bay candle for at least fifteen minutes, then put it out. Focus on buying only what you need, and look for sales and bargains.

—-Mickie Mueller

First Quarter Moon in Capricorn
Color: Green
Incense: Carnation

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