Finding Focus

While indoors more at this time of year, spend some time envisioning the future you want to create. Get a large piece of paper, a pair of scissors, glue, and many old magazines. Close your eyes and breathe, welcoming your dreams and desires to arise. Envision your future. What you love, what, need, desire and fantasize about?

Open your eyes and tea through the magazines, literally, pulling our pictures and words that “speak” to your deepest desires. Move quickly and instinctively; do not overthink. When you have a large pile, pull out the scissors and neatly trim picture edges and isolate meaningful words. Collage these on your paper, creating a vision board of the future you desire. Post it where you will see it often, so you can affirm your desires daily. With a vision of the future, now you can start to work on making these visions a reality.

—-Dallas Jennifer Cobb

First Quarter Moon in Aquarius
Color: Gray
Incense: Pine

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