Reset Your Spirit

From our vantage point, as we move toward the farthest reach of winter’s sway, the sun’s warmth and light continue to ebb. And as w move toward the full moon, the moon’s potency continues to grow.

Tonight honor the dance of both sun and moon and align with their power and grace by lighting you home exclusively with candlelight (and perhaps firelight) for at least one full hour. Electric heaters, if necessary, are fine, but leave off all electric lights, computers, televisions, and stereos and refresh your senses and spirit as you bathe in the sacred quiet. Once you’ve got your candles lit, say:

As sun and moon dance through the sky,
Exquisite balance ever nigh,
As candle and flame shine gently bright,
I awake my inner sight.

Feel free to converse freely with loved ones, and allow the experience to be reminiscent of camping trips and the days of old.

—-Tess Whitehurst

Second Quarter Moon in Pisces
Color: Gold
Incense: Heliotrope

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