Suffragette Goddess

On this day in 1815 first-wave feminist Elizabeth Cady Satunton was born. She was almost certainly not Pagan, but if she were, her patron goddess might have been Artemis, who watches over women and supports their freedom and independence.

Artemis represents the concept that “female” does not have to equal “beholden to men.” Her dalliances with both her female nymphs and the hunter Orion suggest bisexuality and a willingness to love where she will. Her role as protector of women in labor and childbirth acknowledges the danger inherent in the very act of bringing life into this world. And Artemis’ influence may still be felt in the continuing work to liberate women around the world from everything from sexual harassment to assault to physical mutilation imposed by highly patriarchal cultures.

Therefore, today is a very good day to honor this goddess of women’s rights in specific and social justice in general.


Second Quarter Moon in Pisces
Color: Red
Incense: Geranium

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