Feast Spell

Today is the Epulum Jovis, a Roman festival inviting the gods to a feast. Use this spell to bring balance and abundance into your life by offering sustenance to the gods in the form of the tarot.

On a black tablecloth place the Emperor card at the top, the Empress at the bottom, the Hierophant to the left, and the High Priestess to the right. In the center place the Hermit. Pour red wine into five small glasses and set on the right side of each card. Dip bread into olive oil and set to the right of each. Recite the following:

Food and drink I offer you,

Venture forth I ask, pray do,

Take your fill of all you see,

In its place leave wealth for me.

Grateful am I for such wealth,

I toast to you, your happiness

and health.

Drink the wine and eat the bread, in that order, while sitting in gratitude.

— Patti Larsen

Second Quarter Moon in Aries

Color: Yellow

Incense: Marjoram

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