Money Spells

Here are some great little money spells:

Throw a silver coin in the water upriver from your house, so that money is always flowing in your direction.

Keep some silver coins in a cauldron on your altar, asking your deities to never allow you to be without enough cash to pay your bills.

Tossing a silver coin in a well on your property (if you have one) is supposed to always keep you from going broke.

Leave a silver coin at the grave of a wealthy person with a request that you attain wealth. Bury it in the dirt near the grave so no one else removes it.

Make a money pouch: use an old-fashioned change purse with a silver coin, a piece of citrine, a piece of malachite, some alfalfa, and some Come to Me Oil to keep the money always coming.


Second Quarter Moon in Aries

Color: Purple

Incense: Nutmeg

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