Dispelling Possibly Hostile Forces

Some people believe that hostile forces walk among us between Samhain and Yule. Ghosts and spirits may not always be friendly. Living people may not be friendly, either. Here’s one way to protect yourself.

In your imagination, see yourself standing erect. Now see a golden ray coming out of your solar plexus. It looks like golden aluminum foil. Because in magic we can be inside and outside a vision at the same time, stretch the foil so it’s as tall as you are. Stretch it another two feet. Now wind the golden foil around yourself three times, going sunwise. Seal it off. Use duct tape, if that makes you feel more secure. Don’t forget to use twist ties to seal the golden foil above your head and below your feet. Let the foil become invisible so you can go about your daily life. Do this visualization at dawn for nine days.

—Barbara Ardinger, Ph.D.

Second Quarter Moon in Taurus

Color: Rose

Incense: Cypress

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