Hail to the Hogboons!

My Eastern European grandmother told me many tales of the hogboons, a variety of faery folk native to Scotland’s Orkney Islands. The name may derive from the Old Norse haug-bui or haug-buinn, “mound-farmer” or “mound-dweller.” The hogboons, also called hogboys, were mound-dwellers and much preferred the country to living in town. Unlike their trow (troll) kin, hogboons were appreciated for their relative benevolence. In exchange for a snug mound to live in on one’s property, the hogboon would watch over the bounds and occasionally even worked, house-elf fashion, inside the home. My grandmother enticed her hogboons with dishes of butter and cream and swore they often lent a hand in her kitchen.

With the holiday season approaching, we could all use a house-hogboon! Create a small earthen mound in your yard, then set out a dish of butter and cream and invite the local hogboons to visit your kitchen.

—Susan Pesznecker

Second Quarter Moon in Taurus

Color: Black

Incense: Magnolia

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