Power of the Pen

It can be hard to let go of what we think we should be doing in our lives, what we should be doing differently, what we should have achieved by now. Take a piece of paper and two pens, one black and one green (or brighter blue). With your black pen, freely write at least five things that frustrate you in your life right now. Include examples, but leave plenty of space around your writing (space between different words, lines, ideas). Next take your green (or blue) pen and look for ways to change your frustrations. Cross out words, draw arrows, add symbols or ideas, or list things you could do differently. When you’re done, make note of anything you want to act on, and destroy the page (by tearing it into pieces or burning it safely) to release the new ideas.

—Jenett Silver


Third Quarter Moon in Gemini

Color: Gray

Incense: Rosemary

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