A Self-Discovery Spell

A November night is a good time to perform a self-discovery spell to see if you’re following the right path to achieve your goals. I’ve found that using only the major arcana portion of your tarot deck is a simple and effective way to do this.

Shuffle the major arcana cards, keeping them face down. Ask: Am I following the right path to obtain my goals? Tell me what I should know. Select one card at random and lay it face up. Look intently at this card. Really look closely at the details–observe the colors, the clothing, symbols, and so on. Remember, this is really your inner voice speaking to you. What advice has the card given you?

Put the cards away. During the rest of the evening don’t try too hard to understand what the card has told you. Eventually messages will come to you.

—James Kambos


Third Quarter Moon in Cancer

Color: White

Incense: Honeysuckle

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