Elder Tree Spell

Today is the beginning of the Celtic tree month Ruis. Elder, known as the Goddess Tree, rperesents judgment and transformation, death and regeneration, and the crossing of thresholds. Tapping into the benefits of this tree helps in driving away malevolent spirits and refreshing health and happiness in the home.

Go to your front door and open it wide to the elements. Using a fine paintbrush of natural bristles, paint the lowest threshold with elderberry oil while saying:

Evil spirits, creep you forth.

Now paint around the lock with the oil and say:

Evil spirits, be banished and locked out.

Finish by painting a small pentagram above the door on the trim or wall and say:

Evil spirits, you shall never pass.

—Patti Larsen


Fourth Quarter Moon in Virgo

Color: Lavender

Incense: Hyssop

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