Power Over Bad Situations

When we need to be stronger than someone who is trying to control us, a little bit of Bend Over Oil goes a long way. It is also known as Command and Compel Oil, Be Gone Oil, and other such aptly named products.

Recipes vary, but I like something that smells wicked. I use John the Conqueror root (gives us strength over others who would mentally or physically try to suppress us) ground up into a little sambuca (sweet anise liquour that smells like licorice; used here as an expectorant to remove a person) and some frankincense oil (to give us control over our spiritual realm). Put a little of this strong, potent recipe on a poppet, and put it into the back of a freezer to remove the issue.

Always be sure the mundane issues are taken care of before you start your magical work!



Fourth Quarter Moon in Virgo

Color: White

Incense: Ginger

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