The Thanksgiving Table as a Sacred Altar

Most of us call the hearth the center of a home, but the kitchen or dining room table may well be the family altar. As you prepare your table for the Thanksgiving feast, envision it as sacred altar space. Dress it with a freshly laundered tablecloth (your altar cloth). Set out silverware and carving tools (wands and athames), wine or water glasses (chalices), and candles (fire). Serving platters act as earthly panticles, ready to offer up your feast, while a centerpiece of fruits and flowers honors the seasonal cornucopia. Scented candles introduce incense-like aromas. Looking for a god/goddess representation? Use colored tapers, appropriate statuary, or, just for fun, a couple of Puritan salt and pepper shakers.

When the family sits down, pass a silver bowl of water and a towel for ceremonial hand washing. Offer a prayer or blessing, ring a bell to initiate sacred space, and enjoy an inspired feast!

—Susan Pesznecker


Fourth Quarter Moon in Libra

Color: Crimson

Incense: Clove

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