Magical Water Cleanse

To cleanse your body after this month’s excesses, and steady yourself for a healthy holiday season, perform this proactive holiday health and weight-loss ritual.

Begin with a warm bath in the morning, into which you have dissolved one cup of sea salt. Soak for at least forty minutes. Throughout the day (and during your bath), drink at least half your body weight in ounces of pure water, being sure to bless it and visualize white light in and around it before you drink. After dark, light a candle on your altar and diffuse oil of lemon. Hold a moonstone to your heart, close your eyes, and chant:

As this moon doth now disperse,

All excesses now reverse.

As lunar glow wanes in the night,

My weight and spirit now grow light.

For the next three days, keep the moonstone close and continue to drink water as recommended above.

—Tess Whitehurst


Fourth Quarter Moon in Scorpio

Color: Indigo

Incense: Patchouli

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