New Beginnings Spell

The first of the month is a common day for moving. When leaving a home, discard your old broom, dustpan, mop, and pail. Don’t take any old messes with you .Buy fresh equipment so your new home has a fresh start and a clean set of tools. Bless these tools before using. Charge them with the magical task of sweeping away old spiritual energy while cleaning up mundane messes. As you sweep the new space, repeat:

Sweep out the old, bad spirits gone,
Sweep in the new, good spirits welcome.

Gather all the dirt, put it in a bag and tie tightly. Place it outside the main door. Say:

I release you now, be it known,
That now I make this house my home.

Fill your bucket with warm water and four drops of lavender oil. While you mop, repeat:

Bless my home, day and night,
Keep it sage and sacred, always in the Goddess sight.

—-Dallas Jennifer Cobb

Fourth Quarter Moon in Scorpio
Color: Amber
Incense: Hyacinth

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