Releasing Anxiety

During this dark moon we move into the most stressful time of the year. Ahh, the holiday season. Take the energies of this new moon Monday to draw our anxiety and negative thoughts about the upcoming season, leaving you in a positive state of mind to deal with anything this month.

Print a calendar page for the month of December, then light a black candle and write down all your current obligation, shopping deadlines, and celebration dates. Using the juice of a lemon and a cotton swab, paint a large pentagram over the whole page, then sprinkle it with sea salt. Visualize anxiety from the dates being pulled into the lemon juice. Then say:

Lemon, absorb anxiety wit your cleansing ways,
As I look forward to the coming holidays.
Salt clears the stress, leaving only peace behind.
Any and all jangled nerves will unwind.

After the lemon juice is completely dry, shake off the sea salt. Hold the calendar page above the candle flame but not close enough to catch fire. As it warms, the pentagram appears in a calming shade of brown. As the lemon juice transforms, so does any stress that would have existed on your calendar, leaving only peace. Use the calendar page this month and stay ahead of your tasks, knowing that this will be the best December ever.

—-Mickie Mueller

New Moon in Sagittarius
Color: Ivory
Incense: Clary Sage

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