Feast of Chango

Chango is the African-Caribbean god of fire, thunder, and lightning. Virile, passionate and charismatic, Chango is the god who teaches us about our inner fire, our will and desire; he is a potent expression of the life force. His feast day falls in the middle days of Sagittarius, a potent fire sign. Chango is also a powerful warrior, and his weapons, the machete and the sword, are said to allow him to create or destroy anythign he chooses.

If you are not a Voodoo practitioner, you may still honor Chango on his feast day by drumming in your home — even better if you do so with a fire in your hearth or red candles. Chango enjoys offerings of alcoholic drinks (especially red wine), hot peppers or spicy food, tobacco (especially cigars), corn bread or okra.

—-Peg Aloi

First Quarter Moon in Capricorn
Color: Yellow
Incense: Lavender

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