Generosity Spell

Today is St. Nicholas’ Day, an old holiday tradition honoring the kindly man who began the Santa Claus myth. He was known in his time for hiving of wealth to those who needed it. Time to tap into his energy. By giving, you open yourself up to receive, often much more than you have granted others. THe universe rewards such activity by making sure you are able to continue giving.

Lay out twelve red napkins on the table. Inside each, plave a wrapped candy, a dollar, a toy trinket and a hand-written note that reads: Generosity feeds the spirit and opens the soul to abundance. Pass it on.

Gather the four corners of the each bundle and tie off with white string or yarn. Take them with you throughout your day and hand them out to those you feel would benefit, especially children. Feel the joy of the giving and the receiving.

—-Patti Larsen

First Quarter Moon in Aquarius
Color: Pink
Incense: Mint

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