New Surroundings

This spell can be used for the home, office, or any place you feel needs to be cleansed. It’s perfect for moving into a new space.

Make an infusion of rosemary and sage. After it cools, add a few drops of cedar or pine essential oil and a clear quartz point. Place the mixture in a clear container and set it beside a burning candle. Visualize the flame and heat charging the mixture with powerful energy to dispel negativity. After the candle burns out, spray the mist into any room that needs to be cleared of unwanted energy. You can also use it to anoint objects. Say:

Herbs and oil, fire and stone,
Cleanse this space, it is my own.
Dispel the past, and clear the way,
My presence here begins today.
Protect and guard all here within,
For good of all, let it begin.

—-Ember Grant

Second Quarter Moon in Pisces
Color: Gray
Incense: Hyssop

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