Family Harmony Ritual

The full moon is a great time to perform rituals related to family harmony, and a Mars-ruled Tuesday is especially suited for dispersing discord and friction and opening the door to an even deeper level of peace. And what better time to perform such a magical working than during the holidays, when many of us reunite with our families (even if it’s just in spirit)?

Gather one moonstone for each family member in question, including yourself. Wash the stones in saltwater and then run cold water around them for at least one minute. Fill a glass bowl in both hands and visualize very bright white light filling and surrounding it. Say:

In this bowl dwell the cool waters of peace and harmony.

Place the bowl on your altar. Place the moonstones in the water. Carve the words family harmony into a floating candle. Float it on top of the bowl and light. Say:

As this flame burns, all harsh energy is transmuted into peace. Peace and harmony surround my family. Peace and harmony lend coolness and flow to our emotions. In my family, to the extent that is in accordance with the free will and true wishes of every family member, peace and harmony prevail.

Allow the candle to continue to burn throughout the night.

—-Tess Whitehurst

Full Moon in Gemini
Color: Black
Incense: Geranium

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