Wreath of Protection

Who says wreaths are only for Christmas? They can be made any time and used throughout the year. Save time and money by making your own. Get a coil of dried vine, found very inexpensively at dollar stores, and use it as the basis for a personalized wreath. Charge it with protection energy to oversee your home:

Sacred vines, coiled and curled, use your strength to protect our world.

Make this plan wreath your own by adding color, texture, meaning, and magic to it. You can decorate for the season, adding small, meaningful bits to it each day so it’s always changing. Invoke protections every time you add something new to the wreath:

Keep us safe each day that passes. I weave in strength with these grasses.

Add ribbons, flowers, dangling balls, plastic fruit, or even some of your kids’ action heroes. Magic comes in many forms. Make your wreath beautiful.

Third Quarter Moon in Cancer
Color: Topaz
Incense: Bay Laurel

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