Ahisma Above All

Typically we think of ahimsa, the principle of nonviolence, as a passive stance. However, there is nothing more active than a response to life that honors it fully. Ahimsa can be a philosophical position, an engagement in the world with care, a response to injustice, or all of these and more.

Consider today your approach to living a good life and the ways in which your choices impact others. To help you retain a powerful stance that encourages ahimsa from your core motivation to actual manifestation, do the following before you act. Find a white feather to represent connection to Soul. Holding the feather over white smoke, say:

By this smoke be cleansed and strengthened that I may act in accord with the wisest of ways.

Lay the feather on your altar as a reminder of your commitment.

—-Chandra Alexandre

Third Quarter Moon in Leo
Color: Coral
Incense: Orchid

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