Feast of Fools

Tired of the December holiday season? Ready for some loosely organized fun? It’s time for the Feast of Fools. In times past, the uproarious events that seemed to pop up between the winter solstice and December’s close were often called “Feast of Fools.” Scholars today agree that these were largely an attempt by Middle Ages people to escape the iron-fisted rule of the local church. The event — “misrules” — consisted of wild parties replete with food, drink, games, outlandish costumes, and music, always with an air of chaos.

Invite your friends and family to your own Feast of Fools. Play games, wear crazy outfits, enjoy good food and drink (or a meal served in reverse order), and elect and crown your own “Lord of Misrule.: Imagine yourself in sync with your medieval brethren, raising a tankard to their memory. You’ll emerge refreshed and ready to return to the “real” magickal world.

—-Susan Pesznecker

Fourth Quarter Moon in Sagittarius
Color: Amber
Incense: Jupiter

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