The Dragon Bowl

Dragons represent success, growth, and the universe. They embody a powerful mystical force manifested on the physical plane. This is particularly true of Eastern dragons, with their more positive connotations, than of Western dragons, with their savage reputation. Which you prefer is up to you.

Today is an auspicious time to work magic for success, as this will carry throughout the coming year. For this spell you will need a goldfish bowl, a dragon figurine, and some symbolic treasure. The treasure can be coins, glass gems, pearly beads, ceramic eggs, or whatever represents achievement and abundance to you. Put the dragon inside the bowl, surrounded by the treasure and then chant:

Look inside the dragon’s lair;
See the treasure gathered there.
With this spell I charge and bless
All these things to bring success.

Keep the dragon bowl somewhere you can see it as a reminder of your achievements.

—-Elizabeth Barrett

New Moon in Capricorn
Color: Yellow
Incense: Marjoram

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