A Winter Cleansing Spell

The holidays are over and your routine is returning to normal. This is the perfect time for a ritual cleansing to banish any negative energy you may have hanging around.

Select a day when you’ll be alone for a while. You’ll need three straws from your broom, a bayberry-scented candle, and two short pine branches. Light the candle and, if you wish, say an affirmation for protection over it. Singe the tips of the broom straws — you don’t want them to burn, you just want them to smoke. Walk around your home as you carry the straws. Begin and end in the east. Pay special attention to doors, windows and fireplaces, or any opening. After this, you may now burn the straws in a fireplace or your cauldron. Next, lay the two small pine branches over each other to form the shape of a solar cross, and burn. Let the candle burn out.

—-James Kambos

First Quarter Moon in Capricorn
Color: Crimson
Incense: Nutmeg

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