Crossroads Tarot Spread

In many traditions, Hecate, goddess of the crossroads, has associations with Saturday. To get the new calendar year off to a fresh start, here is a Hecatean-inspired tarot spread to help you decide which way to turn at a personal crossroads in your life.

Think of a decision you are faced with in your life that you need some assistance in making. This of what your three most obvious options / courses of action are for this situation. Now, draw one tarot card for each possible option. Arrange the cards at a slight angle to each other, as if forming a three-way crossroads. These cards represent the different directions you can take at the crossroads you are standing at.

Carefully analyze the cards you have drawn and, if needed, ask for Hecate’s guidance in making your decision.

—-Blake Octavian Blair

First Quarter Moon in Aquarius
Color: Blue
Incense: Pine

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