Resolution Momentum

It’s the firm Monday, the first full week of work or school this year. If you made resolutions, you are at that point where some of the more difficult ones are taking a toll on you. Your body may be tire from a new lookout or exercise, or it may be planning a revolt from a lack of sugar, nicotine or caffeine.

Today is a great day for an extra boost to keep yourself headed in the right direction. As you are getting ready to start your day, take a moment for the following chant:

New year, new day,
New strength, new way.
New life, new me,
So mote it be.

Chant it to yourself throughout the day whenever you need a pick-me-up of strength.

—-Kerri Conner

First Quarter Moon in Pisces
Color: Lavender
IncenseL Narcissus

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