Bring Me Money

Need to draw more wealth in your direction? Try this simple spell that makes use of Monopoly money. If you don’t have a Monopoly game that you can raid for a few $500 bills, try doing an internet search, where there are sites offering similar printable money. You will also need some good patchouli oil. (Good doesn’t have to mean expensive, but if it doesn’t smell like dirt, it’s not the good stuff.)

By the light of a green candle, lightly trace an emblem representing money onto the backs of three $500 Monopoly bills Allow the oil to dry and then hold each bill above the candle, charging it to bring more money your way. Afterward, place them in  your wallet, visualizing it full of greenbacks. (If you have your own business, you could also place the bills in your register drawer.)

—-Laurel Reufner

First Quarter Moon in Aries
Color: Red
Incense: Cinnamon

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