A Blessing for Art

It is a good idea to bless things that you create yourself, whether it’s a painting, a sculpture, jewelry or a scarf. When you take various ingredients and join them into a new creation, you are giving a new “life” and purpose to those ingredients. Blessing them in their new function is a good way to make sure all the parts are aligned as one, similar to how we charge charms, oils, etc. to align everything with our magical goal.

To case this spell, hold the new item, or place your hands on it if it is too big to hold, and send energy into the item while speaking this chant:

Here I did shape with my own two hands,
And give form to these joined strands.
Idle bits fused in purpose and in art,
New life granted; a clean fresh start.

—-Michael Furie

Second Quarter Moon in Aries
Color: White
Incense: Lavender

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