Computer Cleanup and Protection

The holidays are over and the decorations are down, and now it’s time to clean up your computer.

Be sure your virus protection is up to date and your subscription is current; if not, it’s time to purchase the new anti-virus software of your choice. Make sure your files are backed up, because it is not a matter of if your computer will die, but  when.

Also, be sure to clean your computer. Open it up and get all the dust bunnies that block your air flow and cause the machine to overheat. Remove paper, dirt, dust, and anything else that may be blocking the air vents. Clean inside and outside the air vents. If you don’t know how, seek professional help. Make a pentacle with protection oil on  your tower and/or laptop covers.

Ask the Gods for special protection for your data. Keep it safe and secure.


Second Quarter Moon in Taurus
Color: Purple
Incense: Balsam

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