Dream a New Dream

With the energy of the waxing moon and the newly turned waxing year, remember that you can refine or change the direction you’re heading in life. Light a dark blue candle that you’ve dressed with lavender oil, and enter a meditation on your life’s path. If you have an ambition or interest you’ve never pursued, remind yourself that now is a good time to start. If you’re already on a career path, remind yourself that you can accomplish any goal you set for yourself within that career. Chant:

I am finding the path right now and right here,
I have faith in myself to believe
The future is bright, right action is clear,
I’m pursuing what’s mine, I’m living the dream!

Take a piece of flying wish paper, if you like, and write your dream on it. Then light it and send it to the stars!

—-Thuri Calafia

Second Quarter Moon in Taurus
Color: White
Incense: Orchid

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