OrchidOrchids are a feminine plant, aligned with Venus and Water, and especially associated with love, peace, calming anger, attraction, beauty.

Orchids have long been used in love spells, especially the root, which is carried in a sachet. The flower is currently one of the more common floral symbols of love in the west, and when given, clearly conveys this message.

Some types of orchids are used in creating visions, trance-states and inducing psychic powers.

To the ancient Greeks, orchids suggested virility, and after the rise in popularity of orchid collections in Victorian England, the meaning of orchids moved towards being symbolic of luxury. Orchids have also been believed to carry various healing and protective properties, allowing them to ward off disease. The Aztecs were said to drink a mixture of the vanilla orchid and chocolate to give them power and strength, and the Chinese believe orchids can help cure lung illnesses and coughs.

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