Out, Out, Bad Spirits!

In Scotland, the tradition of “burning the clavie” is practiced today. A half barrel is filled with tar, lit on fire, and carried around town to get rid of evil spirits. Today is also the Christian anniversary of the baptism of Jesus.

Whether you use fire, water, or another element, clear, do a spell to cleanse, and bless. Mindfully clear the bad spirits from your home, self, and life with any of these easy techniques.

Use fire to smudge your house and self with sage (clearing) and sweet grass (blessing). Soak in a bath with Epsom and sea salts to cleanse and neutralize energy. Anoint with jasmine (healer of broken hearts) or rose (abiding love) essential oil. Using both fire and water, a diffuser broadcasts essential oils throughout your house. Use tea tree or rosemary oil to kill off cold and flu bugs. Out, out, bad spirits!

—-Dallas Jennifer Cobb

Second Quarter Moon in Taurus
Color: Brown
Incense: Pathchouli

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