Home Peace Blessing

During and after the Yuletide, the home is overflowing with a general barrage of “stuff.” This includes items from gift-giving, boxes, wrapped paper, ribbons, Yuletide decorations and altars, and perhaps even extra relatives. Here is a simple spell to reintroduce a little grounded peace and flow back into the home.

Stand at what you consider the hearth to be, and bless and consecrate a white taper candle there by simply grounding and centering, drawing up power from the earth and channeling it with intent into the candle. Light the candle and recite the following as the candle flame emanates the blessing into the home:

Blessings of a simple flow,
Of rest and peace in this home.
blessings of the Holy Sun,
As I say, my will is done.

—-Gede Darma

Second Quarter Moon in Gemini
Color: Orange
Incense: Almond

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