Heartwarming Beer Bread

Beer is an ancient beverage made of grains and one of the oldest beverages produced by humankind. Today is a traditional Druid festival of brewing, when they celebrated the craft of creating the blessed beverage. Brewing was a great way to preserve grains. To celebrate the nourishing properties of beer, look up a recipe for beer bread on the Internet; it’s a quick bread and really easy to make. Mix the dry ingredients and, as you pour in the beer, use these words and your intention to enchant your bread:

Wheat and barley do the trick,
I make this bread of life right quick.
As this warm bread rises up,
We’ll count our blessings and raise a cup!

Stir your bread batter clockwise with love in your heart. As it bakeds, the bread will fill your home with warmth and happiness. Serve it with a hearty dinner.

—-Mickie Meuller

Second Quarter Moon in Gemini
Color: Gray
Incense: Rosemary

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