A Good Health Spell

This is a good spell to guard your health during the winter. You’ll need cider, honey, and a cinnamon stick. In a small saucepan, combine a cup of apple cider and a tablespoon of honey. Gently heat while stirring occasionally. When heated through, pur into a mug and stir with the cinnamon stick.

Sit before a blazing fireplace, or light an orange candle. gaze at the fire, then burn the cinnamon stick to purify the space. Slowly sip the warm cider, feel it cleansing your system. Inhale the scent of the cinnamon and say:

I end this spell, because I’m strong as
iron and tough as nails.

Relax and unwind. This spell is an ideal bedtime ritual.

—-James Kambos

Second Quarter Moon in Cancer
Color: Black
Incense: Ylang-Ylang

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