The Roman goddess Carmeta, protector of women and children and patron of childbirth, was venerated on this day. the full moon in Cancer makes today doubly aligned with protecting and nurturing. So what would you like to nurture? Perhaps you’d like to nurture a project, a relationship, an animal companion, your child, or yourself. Whatever it is, obtain or create a pictured representation of it. Light a white pillar candle to Carmenta, and say:

Goddess Carmenta, I honor you.
Goddess Carmenta, I call on you.

Hold the picture to your heart, and close your eyes as you feel deep love for the object of your nurturance. Then place the image the candleholder as you say:

Dear Carmenta, your love shines like
bright, healing moonlight over all.
Please share your power with me as I
lovingly nurture _______. Thank you.

—-Tess Whitehurst

Full Moon in Cancer
Color: Brown
Incense: Bay laurel

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