Spell to Bring Inspiration

Whether it’s writer’s block, painter’s block, chef’s block, or any kind of block that leaves us wondering what your next step should be, it is always a frustrating experience. I have found that when I am uninspired, it helps to get out of my head and ask fro help from a higher power. One of the major deities who brings inspiration (particularly in Ireland) is the goddess Brigid (pronounced “Breedj”). To cast this spell, light a red candle (as Brigid is also aligned with fire), forget about whatever you are trying to create, and relax and go into a meditative state. When you are ready, call out to Brigid with this chant. Inspiration should come within twenty-four hours.

Goddess Brigid, hear my plea,
I offer up this gift of fire.
Unblock my creativity,
Fill my heart, renewed and inspired.

Allow the candle to burn for an hour, if safe.

—-Mihcael Furie

Third Quarter Moon in Cancer
Color: White
Incense: Myrrh

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