The Energy Within

Winter is a season of rest, when all the energy of Earth is held within and below, rather than expressed outwardly in green life. The world lies still and quiet beneath a blanket of snow, the trees bare, the animals hidden. Its power pools unseen.

This spell draws on that hidden energy. You will need an image of a bare winter tree, and a mirror — dark if you have it, though plain will work. Set the tree above the mirror to reflect as if in a pond. Imagine feeling the strength of elemental earth. Tap your fingers on the mirror and say:

Still water, silent ice,
come knocking, once and twice.
Rapping, tapping, a sound
Of hidden power found.

Whenever you need to access the power over earth, repeat tapping the mirror.

—-Elizabeth Barrette

Third Quarter Moon in Leo
Color: Black
Incense: Rue

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