Carpe Birthday!

today in the United States, we celebrate an important date: Martin Luther Kind Jr.’s birthday. And guess what? It’s also my birthday! One’s birthday is the most special day of the year — after all, it’s the day we appeared on the planet, ready to practice intention, exert our will, and bend our little corner of reality.

Yes, many people eschew their birthdays, mostly out of wishing not to grow older . But I say, “Carpe Birthday!” Seize your birthday! Celebrate it honor it, and be ridiculous about it. Take the day off from work if you can, and do something focused solely on you, something that’s a bit of a luxury or a splurge. If you can’t do this for yourself, who can you do it for? Take the day for yourself, and reflect on the magick and specialness you bring to the universe. Happy birthday, whenever it falls!

—-Susan Pesznecker

Third Quarter Moon in Virgo
Color: White
Incense: Hyssop

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