Pardon Me

On January 21, 1977, president Carter pardoned all Vietnam War draft dodgers, so it’s a day of forgiveness. under the waning moon, let animosity wane. We’ll use the image of a draft card for this.

Create an ID card for someone you haven’t forgiven Cut paper into a wallet-size card. Write the name, date of birth, and other facts. Add a description of the offense, such as “x slept with my boyfriend.” Create a card for each person you wish to forgive.

Draft cards were burned, but forgiveness comes from the heart (element of water). have a cauldron or bowl of cool water. hold the card, visualize the person, and read the card aloud. Say three times:

I forgive you.

Place the card in the bowl. Stir it around, allowing it to disintegrate, and contemplate forgiveness until it has fallen apart. Do this for each card, and when done, say:

So be it.

—-Deborah Lipp

Third Quarter Moon in Virgo
Color: Maroon
Incense: Basil

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