Closet Cleaning

Choose a closet that needs cleaning and reorganization. Take your time as you pull out each item, asking yourself if the item is still needed in your life. Make separate piles for the items you will keep and the ones you will sell or give to charity. While doing so, think about what’s inside your inner closet. Is there a part of you that you keep hidden, stored away for a future time in which you can be “you”? Ponder whether that’s a useful attitude for you.

when the closet is completely empty, sweep it out, saying:

as I sweep away that which is no
longer needed, so I sweep away doubt
and uncertainty.

Sprinkle the closet with saltwater. Take a sip, reminding yourself that it’s okay to be yourself now! Promise yourself that you will speak to someone safe about what you’ve been hiding. Be blessed.

—-Thuri Calafia

Fourth Quarter Moon in Sagittarius
Color: Amber
Incense: Marigold

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