What Goes Around Comes Around

If someone is causing problems, filling your life with misery, this spell is an ethical means of derailing their negativity and returning it to them to make them stop.

Anoint a white candle and the back of a small mirror with an oil made of nettle leaves steeped in olive oil for a week. charge the Candle and mirror with white light. Hold the mirror, close your eyes, and visualize the person sending black energy toward you. See yourself holding up the mirror; see this energy bouncing back out of the mirror, transformed and sent back to the person as gray light. when you feel ready, light the candle and chant:

Fiendish storm unleashed my way,
captured, bound, held at bay.
Stripped of hatred, turned to gray,
Reflected back upon its source,
And bound about them to block the force.

Bury the burned-out candle and the mirror in the ground.

—-Michael Furie

Fourth Quarter Moon of Sagittarius
Color: Silver
Incense: Neroli

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