Introspective Knot Spell

The New Moon is a powerful time for introspection and an excellent time for working on things that deal with the shadow self. here is a spell to help untangle some inner issues you may be struggling with.

You’ll need to gather a piece of yarn, twine, or rope a few feet long. Pick three issues you would like to unravel and untangle to gain clarity on. Tie a knot in the rope for each issue. Make solid knots, but leave them loose enough so you will be able to untie them again.

Once you have knotted your rope, hold it in meditation and contemplate the various options you have for dealing with the issue at hand with each knot. Once you feel you have internally confronted and contemplated each issue, begin to untie each knot while reciting the following:

Knot of one, this issue be done.
Knot of two, this issue I undo.
Knot of three, this issue is history.

Bury or safely burn the rope.

—-Blake Octavian Blair

New Moon in Aquarius
Color: Green
Incense: Mulberry

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