A Way With Words

The Oxford English Dictionary debuted on this day in 1884. So, let’s do magic for verbal skill. This can help you write, speak, or master a language. Words are associated with the element of air.

Get a beautiful piece of paper or parchment, and a feather or quill pen with blue ink. Burn cedar or sage. Choose a sentence that represents your goal, or use “I have a way with words.”

Prepare your altar as a writing table, light the incense, and begin with deep, cleansing breaths.

Begin writing your sentence in a clockwise spiral from the center out. Write it over an over, without stopping. You are expanding your verbal skills outward into the world. (If you want, you can mark the center and the spiral lightly, in pencil, in advance.)

Fill the paper to the outer edges. Fold it up as small as you can and leave it on your altar.

—-Deborah Lipp

First Quarter Moon in Pisces
Color: Indigo
Incense: Ivy

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